Heritage of Beauty

It seems every beauty company founder has roots in Hungary—ours was actually born there.

What the French are to couture, the Hungarians are to skin and beauty. The belles of Budapest have a well-deserved reputation for flawless skin and porcelain complexions. Some attribute it to the famous thermal waters, some to diet, others to genetics, much of it inherited from generation to generation—a gene for beauty.

Our founder is imbued with this gene from generations past and imbued her with a passion—a mission—to impart this heritage to everyone she touches. Today, her company continues this servitude in hopes every woman realize their own perfection at each stage of life and continue a heritage of beauty for others.

Knighthood Cross presented to Miss Ilona by Hungrian President Árpád Göncz

Hungary for Change

Beauty has a price, so does freedom!

When you live in a free country, it’s hard to imagine the extreme opposite. Communism dampens your spirit, removes the intrinsic spark of life, and casts despondency and dread to its people. “I am eternally grateful to America for the freedoms bestowed to me and reawakening a dream that laid dormant under Communism.

In 1994, Miss Ilona and husband George were presented the coveted Knighthood Cross by the President of Hungary for their accomplishments as Hungarian refugees. Previously, this honor was bestowed to another noted Hungarian-American emigrant, Dr. William Teller, the world-renowned physicist.


Miss Ilona inspired her chemists with a simple mantra, “My products must speak seven languages.” It meant every product must adhere to her seven ideals, “Performance, efficacy, texture, touch, luxury, smell, and quality.” Attributes she felt were timeless and borderless.

You can’t hide from a neglected complexion,” states Miss Ilona. One glance at her complexion and one sees the fruits that a lifetime of care and devotion can yield. This isn’t a secret exclusive to her, but a trait she instills to everyone she encounters.


Skin, the Miracle Fabric

Have you ever considered what a miraculous fabric your skin is?

Injure it, and the amazing process of healing begins. Neglect it, and it will bare the passing years like a statue. Abuse it, and in time it will reflect the careless nature of your ways. Shelter it, and it will clothe you in a garment more precious than any money can afford. Care for it, and it will envelop you in beauty all the days of your life.

To me, your skin has been my life, my profession, my passion. You see skin, I see something fearfully and wonderfully designed.

The Legacy

There is no future without honoring the past. At ILONA, we’re constantly striving for the next, great innovation wherever it may be, while honoring the traditions that sustained us. “As long as I remain, I assure you, that any product of mine that has touched your skin, has first touched mine. I wouldn’t stand behind any product that I wouldn’t use myself.”

- Miss Ilona
Images of the first salons
(Denver, circa 1971-1975)

ILONA Innovation

Like a fine work of art, every product conceived is an original – each containing clinically proven ingredients and superior materials sourced globally. Behind the name ILONA lies decades of experience treating countless clients at our skincare institutes that adorned major cities throughout the United States. Our products are vetted only by Miss Ilona and her trusted group of advisors. She has never tested and will never test on animals.


The Skin Commandments

There are more than 10 to achieving your dream skin,
but these are unfailing.

  • Begin in youth
  • Know your skin type
  • Diligence to a
    skincare regimen
  • Shelter skin from sun
    & pollution
  • Exfoliate
  • Keep well hydrated
    (never become thirsty)
  • Diet plentiful in healthy
    fats & roughage
  • Reduce wheat and gluten
  • Decompress with
    meditation, exercise
    & yoga
  • Never go to bed with
    unclean skin
  • Avoid smoking
  • Abstain from alcohol
  • Limit sugar
  • See a physician annually
    & check hormone levels