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Restruct® Facial Remapping Cream

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Restruct Facial Remapping Cream in all its glory, repackaged in an elegant, translucent bottle. Let the restructuring continue.

Restruct FRC represents an evolution in the pioneering field of proteomic skincare-- the influence of protein on skin, cells, and aging. Exclusive to Restruct FRC is a dominant, critical protein, Proteoglycan, which rebuilds, regenerates, restructs, and remaps skin. ILONA Beauty mobilized Proteoglycan in Restruct FRC and cross-linked it with compounds that increase its effectiveness tenfold. Results can border on miraculous. 


Dynamic Functions

  • Targets collagen receptors; substantively reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Remaps skin's topography; improving texture, firmness, tonicity.
  • Markedly increases epidermal density; proliferates beneficial collagen.
  • Produces systemic improvements in every dimension of aging skin.


Weeks 1 and 2:

Gradual, perceptible improvements in elasticity  - the undercurrent of renewing collagen.

Weeks 4 to 6:

Skin comes under the influence of the remarkable technologies utilized in Restruct FRC: Firmer, compact profiles; escalating resilience; suppleness and intrinsic luminosity - the biological markers of youthful skin.

Week 8 and beyond:

Dynamic renovations in skin are evident to you and others. Continued use helps maintain results and yield additional, dramatic improvements.


Test Usage:

Although adverse reactions are unlikely, a small patch test may reveal any incompatibilities.

To ascertain your skin's compatibility, apply a small amount to inner arm for three consecutive days. If no redness or irritation appear, proceed to normal usage.

Normal Usage:

Massage into all facial regions, from neckline to forehead. every P.M. Cleanse skin prior to application.

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