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Your skin has surplus oil (sebum) all over.
Your T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin area) exhibits shine and an oily film.
You have open pores clogged with blackheads and whiteheads.
Lines can be noticeable, but no wrinkles.
You suffer persistent breakouts and acne blemishes accompanied by inflammation-redness, which can lead to discoloration and in certain instances, scarring.
Soon after cleansing, your skin develops a shine.
Skin has a course, orange peel-like texture, feels thick, and has a dull, blotchy appearance.
Makeup seems to absorb into your skin, fades easily or changes color.
Your skin attracts dirt and debris, and you usually feel the need to blot entire face during the day. Skin looks unclean.
A word about Adulthood Acne:
It is a common misconception that adults do not experience acne. They can and do! Adulthood acne manifests as persistent breakouts at the chin and along the jaw line. Those areas should be treated as Oily-Active/Blemish-Prone skin, while the rest of the face can be treated with acne skin care products accordingly. No other preparations should be applied to these areas.